Our Vision For You

While Vision Plastics does not sell plastic packaging equipment we have years of experience working with equipment suppliers and manufacturers as well as our customers to assist in insuring the most cost-effective and quality results for their plastic wrapping applications.

Commonly we help educate and assist in defining the specifications of the film to be constructed. These are most often co-extruded structures from two layers to nine layers of film.

Why Vision Plastics?

Vision Plastics, a major representative for the plastic film industry since 1986, believes that value is based on more than simple price figures. Our experience with multiple manufacturers gives us an insight few others can offer. In addition to competitive pricing we offer solutions for everyday problems that arise by giving our customers access to our technical and troubleshooting information. This free assistance is another way we add value to every sale.


The cost of polyethylene has risen 60% over the last two years. With the instability of natural gas prices and ethylene stocks, we can only expect this upward spiral to continue.

We at Vision Plastics have been pioneers in finding new ways to help our customers keep their costs contained through the newest technologies from the many mills we represent. Many of our customers considered the offerings of suppliers who only run single layer films ("mono layer structures").

After closer evaluation of the benefits that we at Vision-Plastics are able to provide; they all opted for our more cost effective solutions. We can provide this primarily by using multi-layer (co- extruded) film structures. We have a large array of knowledge in this field due to our direct and close relationship with many manufacturers.

Changing film specs from mono structures to co-ex structures will save typically as much as 15%- 50%.

Here are a few examples of what we have been able to do for some of our customers:
Customer A : 2.5mil shrink film reduced to 2.0mil.
Customer B : Automatic Bag Inserter at 2.5mil reduced to 1.5mil.
Customer C : Automatic Bag Inserter at 1.0mil reduced to 0.7mil.

Vertical and horizontal form fill and seal application gauge reduction is typically as much as 50%! These are just a few of our success stories to help you better understand the added value Vision Plastics has to offer you. In addition to reducing film gauge, we most often if not always improve certain physicals and therefore Save our Customers money.


Physical Improvements:

  • Improved barrier in both oxygen and moisture
  • Greater tensile strength
  • Improved dart and puncture resistance
  • Improved tear resistance

Hidden Cost Cutting:

By enabling more feet or bags per roll of film, we help reduce some otherwise hidden costs including, fewer shift changes, less down time, and less inventory space required.
Equipment applications we most often work with:
Shrink over wrap.
Automatic product collation and shrink wrapping with registered film. Supported and non-supported.
Both vertical and horizontal form fill and seal with registered film.
Stretch hooder film (with stretch memory)
Commercial screen printers (banner films)
Magazine and newspaper over wrap
Automatic top sheeters
High speed bread bun over wrap
Continuous motion cut wrap and shrink bundlers. Registered Printing up to 10 colors plus process
High speed automatic bag inserters.
Both flat and gusseted tubing and pre-made bags.
Pass through shrink systems. Films printed and non-printed.
Laminating film
Natural tack films for surface protection

There's many more applications we can be of help with, but yours may not be listed. All the structures we have designed since 1986 are FDA approved and are recyclable.